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The Clients We Serve
1. Personal Use.
Armored Civilian Vehicles for Executives and Private Corporations

This segment is comprised mainly of high-ranking executives, as well as corporate employees working in dangerous locations in industries such as mining, oil and gas development and international finance. This segment also accounts for affluent families living in areas in which kidnappings and/or other violent attacks are prevalent, and has risen to become the most substantial market segment due to globalisation efforts by business into areas of developing security such as the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe. Isotrex Manufacturing works closely with each client to ensure that they receive the armored vehicle that they prefer, as well as any additional accessories which may add to the vehicles performance, comfort or protective capabilities. We are fully experienced in this market and are capable of outfitting your personal and/or corporate armored vehicle with the options for you to maximize your buying power as a client and overall satisfaction.

2. Government.

This segment is naturally a long-standing market for the armored vehicle industry as many governments seek to protect their diplomats, embassy staff and various agency operatives worldwide using covert armored vehicles. Isotrex has a long history of providing vehicles which have been custom designed to meet the specific operational needs of such agencies and continues to work with our clients to ensure maximum efficiency and operational performance in this sector.

3. Non-Government Organizations and Private Security.

Finally, there are Non-Government Organizations (such as the United Nations and other aid agencies) and private security industry portion of the market. Private security can range from a small independent protection detail (bodyguard agency) to the multi-national private security forces with government contracts to support military operations on foreign soil. The possibilities in this sector are endless. Isotrex has always been supportive of the men and women who lay their lives on the line to protect others and make the world a better place through peacekeeping; we continue to serve each of our NGO and private security clients to the absolute best of our ability - providing them with quality protection to ensure they live to return to their loved ones after fighting to make others lives better.

Our company provides a wide catalogue of vehicles to choose from, from APCs and MRAPs to civilian-oriented vehicles. Our non-military armored vehicles are not designed as combat vehicles, or to be used for aggressive purposes - they are designed to discreetly safeguard against those who would do harm to their occupants. Our vehicles retain an almost original exterior appearance and therefore do not increase the risk of assault in any way but offer superior protection when required nevertheless.

Ballistic Standadization

Armored Vehicle Standards

Ballistics specifications describe the ability of a material to stop a projectile. These specifications can apply to any material - be it steel, composite, or concrete.

Ballistics specifications are internationally-recognized standards used when deciding on the level of protection required. Once the protection level is determined, then the appropriate materials will be selected.

Standards vary depending on the region where vehicles are in use, the most common standards are:

Class Type of Weapon Calibre Type Mass g Bullet Velocity m/s Nr. of strikes Triangular Pattern mm
BR 1 Rifle 0,22 LR L/RN 2,6 360 ± 10 3 120
BR 2 Hand gun 9 mm Luger FJ1)/RN/SC 8,0 400 ± 10 3 120
BR 3 Hand gun 0,357 Magnum FJ1)/CB/SC 10,2 430 ± 10 3 120
BR 4 Hand gun 0,44 Rem. Magnum FJ2)/FN/SC 15,6 440 ± 10 3 120
BR 5 Rifle 5,56 x 45* FJ2)/PB/SC 4,0 950 ± 10 3 120
BR 6 Rifle 7,62 x 51 FJ1)/PB/SC 9,5 830 ± 10 3 120
BR 7 Rifle 7,62 x 51 FJ1)/PB/HC 9,8 830 ± 10 3 120

L — Armor Piercing
CB — Coned Bullet
FJ — Full Metal Jacket Bullet
FN — Flat Nose
HC1 — Steel Hard Core Mass
Mass 3.7 ±0.1g HRC 63+
PB — Pointed Bullet
RN — Round Nose
SC — Soft Core (Lead)
SCP1 — Soft Core (Lead & Steel Penetrator SS109)
1) Full Steel Jacket Plated
2) Full Steel Jacket *Twisted Length 178mm ±10mm
**Twisted Length 254mm ±10mm

Armor Specifications

1. Transparent Armor

Isotrex incorporates premium, lightweight glass-clad polycarbonate offering true, multi-hit protection. All glass includes a premium interior hard-spall layer to prevent fragments/shards from penetrating the passenger compartment in the event of an attack. All glass is seamed, edged and finished using a Proprietary quality process that provides unprecedented UV and delaminating resistance. All glass features excellent ballistic protection and superior optical quality with very minimal distortion.

2. Ballistic Steel
(Opaque Armor)

All steel incorporated into the armoring process is milled using a special chemical composition that ensures ballistic integrity. All steel is laser cut and is designed and patterned according to the exact contour of the vehicle. In addition, all armor is installed using a proprietary process underneath the interior vehicle skin to provide an OEM interior finish and superior protection coverage.


All original pillars, posts, and panels snap back into place with minor trim work – this helps the vehicle keep the factory appearance as closely as possible on the interior and exterior and helps our clients to keep a low profile at all times.

4.Overlap System

Isotrex Manufacturing's commitment to continuous research and development assures clients the most technologically advanced armored passenger vehicles available. One example of such is the Overlap System.

This concealed moulded armoring process assures an added level ballistic protection in all vulnerable "weak“areas in the passenger compartment, especially door openings and around windows areas.

5. 3rd Hinge Door Support

The third door support is fitted to all of our armoured vehicles. A complete door re-structure will be installed to support the additional weight after the armouring conversion. This includes reinforced pillars, posts and hinges. These modifications are made to ensure the door maintains its original functionality.

6. Floor Protection

The floor armor is designed to protect against bomb fragmentation and to absorb energy from a blast. The armor is concealed under the carpet and seats of the vehicle, maintaining the OEM appearance. Armor is also placed surrounding the fuel tank of each vehicle to protect this vital component from damage.

7. Suspension/Brake upgrades

Isotrex Manufacturing upgrades the brakes and the suspensions systems as required to maintain the stability and performance of the vehicle as well as to accommodate for the additional weight incurred due to the armor conversion.

The suspension of the vehicle, along with the brakes should be modified when a vehicle is armored. Isotrex Manufacturing recommends its clients begin the armoring process with a heavier duty vehicle. The modification is done with a standard package that may vary depending on the needs of the client.

Additional high performance upgrades are available if required by the client.

8. CRF Runflat System

The Composite runflat (CRF) is a lightweight reinforced polymer device designed to provide flat tire mobility when used with pneumatic tires. The CRF runflat is comprised of two or three sections that is secured around the wheel, providing a strong bearing assembly. A special composite material formulation results in reduced friction and heat build-up inside a flat tire. The material is resistant to both ballistic attack and severe road hazards.

The sole purpose of this device is to ensure continuous vehicle operation, should the tires be shot at during an attack.

The CRF is easily mounted inside a standard tubeless tire on a traditional "drop center style" wheel using normal tire mounting tools. Each CRF is custom built to meet the specific load rating criteria and distance requirements of the application. CRF runflats are specified on numerous government and security vehicles where flat tire mobility is critical.

All vehicle manufactured by Isotrex are installed with the heavy duty CRF device on all tires, including the spare.