Included Services

- Warranty for our Armored Vehicles

As a result of this unending effort to offer the finest products available to our clients.


Our ongoing testing,

research and consultations with our clients ensure we stay on top of new developments and changes in the market, and this allows us to remain confident in the quality of each and every armored vehicle that leaves our production facility.
Included Services

At Isotrex Manufacturing, we understand the importance of quality, and we take every possible step to ensure that, even though we keep the armored vehicle purchase costs at a minimal level, we offer some of the finest armored vehicles available in the market today.

Isotrex Manufacturing FZE

are proud to provide our clients with our One Year (1-Yr) limited conversion warranty, which covers the conversion-related ballistic materials and workmanship in our armored vehicles against defect and/or malfunction under normal use.

Logistical assistance for armoured vehicles leaving the UAE

Isotrex is continually innovating within the industry with respect to armored vehicle design and optional equipment, making us one of the preferred manufacturers in the region.

Isotrex formalized arrangements with local UAE government organizations and oversees agents to assist in the expediting of importation documents into country of destination and therefore export documents from UAE.

It is in the best interest of the company to continually look at reducing overhead costs, that in turn could end up being passed on to the consumer.

logistics picture

This service is included in our pricing with only an initial formal application required by the customer.

Our connections and experience now prove that we are able to achieve the mandatory Import/Export Certification on average in 3 weeks time. This will coincide with the majority of build times for armored vehicles in production in our facility.

In regards to the actual shipment from the UAE, Isotrex have reliable partners that provide Freight via Road, Sea & Air Transport solutions on a daily basis.