This vehicle features a V shaped design and provides protection as per STANAG 4569.

The LEGION MRAP is the full package armored vehicle for todays war fighter.

The LEGION MRAP can be outfitted with a unique Turret, The IMX-23 designed by Isotrex with a protection level of STANAG 2. The IMX-23 outclasses all similar manned turrets in protection and versatility and has a proven battle record with over 500 units in service on various vehicles around the world.

It can be modified for various mission roles that include Ambulance, Heavy Cargo, Reconnaissance, and Special Operations Variants.

Other than the IMX-23 Turret the LEGION APC can be outfitted with various other turrets and remote weapons stations based on the clients needs and requirements. This vehicle can also be configured to suite various different mission roles such as Armored Personnel Carrier, Command Post, Cargo, Reconnaissance, Special operation and Lead Convoy Variants.