A message from the founder

"Our company’s ultimate purpose would be clear and sufficient to simplify the production to achieve the most efficient means possible while maintaining, and improving, the status quo of product quality within the industry of armored vehicles. "

Our History

Isotrex Manufacturing was founded in 2005 by a dedicated group of Canadian armored vehicle experts with over a decade of experience in the armored vehicle industry.

Convinced that clients in the defense and security industries were overpaying for the quality of products they were contracting for, the founders of Isotrex pursued a philosopy of producing armored vehicles and defense equipment that beat the quality standards of competitors while also keeping client-side costs to an affordable minimum.

Our Facility

Isotrex Manufacturing operates in a 25,000 square foot manufacturing plant which includes all of the necessary equipment required by our designers and engineers to produce between 15 and 20 vehicles per month.

By continuously optimizing the efficiency of our manufacturing process, Isotrex has spent well over a decade perfecting the quality of its products while optimizing overhead costs to provide better savings directly to clients.

Our manufacturing facility is strategically located within the city of Ajman which is at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf, right in the heart of the Middle East as we export to over 64 countries around the globe.

Our administrative staff is composed of some of the most experienced veterans in the armored vehicle industry, many of whom have established the current manufacturing market that exists today. By having our designers, engineers and administrators work closely with one another, Isotrex is able to maximize customer satisfaction while also fulfilling orders in an extremely timely manner.

Quality Assuarance

At Isotrex Manufacturing, we ensure that every apsect of production and every material utilized in armoring is carefully monitored and certified by our administration for use.

Once our sales division is contacted by the client, our highly-trained sales staff consults thoroughly to determine which of our armored vehicles would best suit a client""s operational needs and which accessories we would recommend to add, so as they get the most from their armored vehicle purchase.

Once the client is fully satisfied that their armored vehicle and accessory selections are suited for their operations, and every effort has been made by our sales staff to remain within or below their budgetary constraints, a production order is issued and the vehicle is then sent to our production facility for manufacture to the clients specifications.

Upon entry into our production area, each stage of the armour conversion process, from receipt of the vehicle through to final completion is closely monitored through a series of detailed inspections which are performed on the workmanship throughout the armor manufacturing process by our production manager.

These inspections result in different areas of production quality being checked on each armored vehicle, with a way to ensure that quality is adhered to throughout production.

The client receives their armored vehicle in an excellent condition and on time. This commitment to quality and dedication to timely performance has resulted in our proven client loyalty and satisfaction. Following completion of production, the sales associate responsible for the contract performs an in-depth final inspection to ensure that the finishing is in line with our company's strict quality standards and conforms to the clients expressed requirements and expectations.

These final inspections include every detail of the finished armored vehicle, and our sales associates have been fully trained on the inspection process which not only allows them to ensure their clients receive an excellent finished product, but also helps them become and stay knowledgeable for use in the consultation process with the client.

As a final consideration, there is a visual inspection performed by the authorised shipper of the armored vehicle, whether they were supplied by our company, or an outside entity retained by the client. A pre-delivery inspection report is then created which must be signed and approved by both parties prior to accepting the vehicle for shipment. Under no circumstance should any armored vehicle be released for shipment until these detailed processes are carried out.


Isotrex Manufacturing is ISO certified and adheres to the ISO policies and procedures in order to maintain our quality control standards and promote continuous improvement.

Quality, Safety, Security, and High Performance are our top priorities in following strict protocol during the build process of our armored vehicles in conjunction with these certifications.